Cataract surgery

Cataract surgery is the most common surgery in the world. It is a quick and low-risk operation that restores vision by placing an artificial implant in the eye

Cataracts Treatment & Surgery Options in Istanbul

Cataracts are the gradual clouding of the eye's natural lens (the crystalline lens), which will increasingly reduce the passage of light (and images) through the eye and lead to progressive loss of vision

Often it is part of the natural aging process and can be accompanied by other visual disturbances
Cataracts can affect only one eye or both eyes. Usually, the progression of this disease is quite slow and easily treatable. If an operation is necessary, the ophthalmologist will remove the opaque lens in order to replace it with an artificial lens.





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Cataracts Treatment & Surgery

Cataract surgery is performed in a sterile environment and under local anesthesia (eye drops), which has an average duration of 20-30 minutes. It is a painless operation with a rapid healing time, to do cataract phacoemulsification is used, the latter is the most widely practiced eye surgery in the world today, through a micro-incision of about 2 mm made under a microscope, the opaque lens is "emulsified" into very small pieces and evacuated (aspirated), and replaced by an intraocular implant.

The Femtosecond laser enables the surgeon to achieve greater levels of safety, precision and predictability than in traditional cataract surgery. Here are the benefits for patients:

  • Personalized surgery
  • Better positioning of their intraocular lens
  • Optimized vision
  • Decreased risk of complications

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