Breasts Surgeries

Aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery is a very broad specialty. Thanks to the many innovations, we can now obtain very natural results, both in the field of cosmetic surgery (breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast ptosis, etc.), but also in that of reconstructive surgery for breast malformations (breast syndrome). Poland, tuberous breasts, breast asymmetry, pectum excavatum…) or after breast cancer.

Breasts Surgeries in Istanbul

Breast Augmentation


Our surgeons are leading specialists in the field of aesthetic breast surgery in Istanbul. Breast augmentation is the most popular and popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the world. Thanks to the many advances made in this field, you can obtain a breast augmentation adapted to your desires and your physique, whether in terms of size, shape, scars, naturalness for the breasts, whether visually or at the to touch.

Many choices of sizes, shapes, techniques, scars… for the chest.

Very important aesthetic and psychological gain.

Very natural thanks to the many advances in this area.

Well-regulated intervention, simple, fast and with simple consequences if well prepared.

Breast Augmentation Method


Large and firm breasts for a woman both increase self-confidence and create great freedom in the choice of clothes. However, most women do not have the ideal height. Especially women with small breasts or those without breasts feel the most inadequate.

Currently, the most valid method for breast augmentation is breast augmentation surgery with prosthesis, which is one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries around the world. This breast surgery has in fact become widely democratized and is no longer taboo at all. Breast prostheses and surgical techniques have been the subject of many innovations in recent years, the procedure having become fast and well-regulated, with simple post-operative effects in the hands of a cosmetic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation. The result is now natural and stable, thanks to the wide choice of breast implants and surgical techniques.

Simple, fast and well-regulated surgery.

Natural result, thanks to the wide range of breast implants and new surgical techniques (dual plan, composite breast augmentation, etc.)

All the possible choices of shapes and volumes of breast prostheses.

Simple suites with outpatient intervention.

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Breast Reduction


Many women complain about the size of their breasts without ever daring to take the step of surgery. Breast reduction is however a well-regulated, painless and rapid surgery. It causes a change in the quality of life and a very important benefit for women with large breasts.

Quick and painless surgery.

Can be combined with other breast treatments.

Very important aesthetic and functional benefit.

Social security coverage possible

Description of the intervention steps for Ptosis (reduction) Breast

Breast Lifting


Cure for ptosis (breast lifting) is cosmetic surgery of the breast allowing overall rejuvenation of the breast, hence the term breast lift. During this operation, you can decide, on the advice of the plastic surgeon, to keep the same breast volume, to perform a breast reduction or an associated breast augmentation.

The ptosis cure Can be combined with breast augmentation by breast lipofilling or breast prosthesis, or with breast reduction if necessary.

Performed in outpatient surgery.

No pain.

Global breast rejuvenation.


Principles Of Breast Lifting

The goal of Breast lifting cure is to put the areola back in the right position, and to reshape the breast in order to obtain harmonious breasts, lifted and reshaped. The possible resulting scars depend on the extent and therefore the grade of the ptosis. Thus, 3 types of scars are possible on the breast depending on the clinical examination. The breast lift can be performed at the end of growth. Future pregnancies and breastfeeding are obviously possible.

When ptosis is associated with insufficient volume (hypoplasia or hypotrophy of the breast), to restore volume to the breast, the breast is raised and it can be combined with a placement of breast implants or an injection of fat.




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