DHI Hair Transplant


DHI Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a common problem that many people have throughout the world.

The most effective treatment for hair loss or balding issues is to have a hair transplant. There are several methods that can be applied in hair transplant operations, and the DHI method is one of them.

The DHI method, which stands for Direct Hair Implantation, is the most advanced hair transplantation method up to date. The DHI method allows surgeons to pick individual hair follicles and extract them without damaging the patient’s scalp. It also eliminates the necessity of opening canals in the recipient area.

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Most Advanced Hair Transplantation

We offer comprehensive services in all areas of hair transplantation. In addition to high-end equipment, all services are provided in a comfortable and luxurious environment. As a result of our operations with a 100% satisfaction rate, each of our patients leaves our clinic happily.

DHI Hair Transplant Process

The surgeons normally open these canals to place the donor follicles in the FUT and FUE methods. However, with the tool that is used in the DHI method, which is called Choi Implanter Pen, follicles can be directly implanted into the scalp. That is why this method is called Direct Hair Implantation.

Three Stages of the DHI method
Hair transplantation operations with the DHI method consists of three stages. The first stage is the collection stage, where the surgeons individually pick and extract follicles to be used in the recipient area. This stage is performed with a device called micro motor, similar to the FUE method.

With the help of this device, surgeons pick follicles from the patient’s donor area, which is usually the nape area. The reason why surgeons pick the nape area as the donor area is that the hair located in this area does not fall out. This feature makes them perfectly suitable for hair transplantation.

The second stage is the arrangement stage. This is the stage that makes the DHI method differ from the other transplantation methods. In this stage, the staff members carefully place the hair follicles into the Choi Implanter Pen. The time that the donor follicles spend outside of the patient’s scalp is reduced significantly during this stage. This greatly improves their chance of survival of the donor grafts.

The last stage is, of course, the plantation stage. In this stage, surgeons directly implant the hair follicles with the use of Choi Implanter Pen.


Starting with in-office consultation and ending with a clinical washing session, a hair transplant at the Hair Clinic is a three-day treatment.


An 8-hour long procedure that constitutes the hair line design, implantation, and everything in between, with a light resting break separating the phases.


We care about the satisfaction of our patients. In this direction, we guarantee our aesthetic procedures.


During the treatment period we offer our patients a 5 star hotel reservation in the most luxurious hotels


Your personal medical consultant will provide you with a continuous follow-up for at least one year, in order to better monitor the results and provide help and advice if needed


We offer our patients free transportation during the treatment



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