Dental laser

The dental laser is today essential in the medical world. For your laser dental surgery, we use the latest technologies allowing us to provide you with quick procedures that are unable to be matched precision-wise

How does the laser work?


A laser produces a light ray concentrating a large quantity of energy, which after absorption by the water of the tissues of the human body, acts like a "real scalpel". The degree of absorption of the light beam by a tissue depends on the wavelength used and the amount of water contained in the target tissue.

Energy is communicated to the tissues either through a flexible optical fiber or through an articulated arm.


Laser indications in dentistry

The laser has real advantages over traditional techniques, without however replacing them completely. It improves and optimizes the majority of existing dental care, from the treatment of cavities to the most complex surgery.

What are the advantages of using a laser in dentistry?

  • laserMay cause less pain in some cases, thus reducing the need for anesthesia,
  • Can reduce anxiety in patients uncomfortable with the use of the dental drill,
  • Can preserve a healthier tooth during cavity removal.
  • Safe operation thanks to extreme operational precision (10 times better than conventional technology)
  • Faster operation
  • Possibility without incisions
  • Suppression of vibrations and unpleasant noises; provides better comfort to patients.
  • No bleeding; significantly reduces inflammatory reactions.
  • The extreme precision of the laser beam provides greater safety by protecting the surrounding healthy tissue.
  • At the end of the session, the patient's face is often less numb as, in many cases, anesthesia is no longer required.
  • Healing is faster. The laser treatments improve the success of endodontic treatment due to their bactericidal effects.


In addition, we are pioneers in Istanbul in the use of sophisticated dental image processing software: from a photo of your original smile, we show you your future smile while respecting your aesthetic preferences.


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