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Urgent care is provided usually the same day.

The steps involved in hair transplant are detailed below:

  • Treatment duration is just three days in total
  • Surgery takes between six and nine hours in total and you will just require local anaesthetic
  • It will take between seven to ten days to recover fully from your operation
  • You can expect the best results to be apparent within eight to 12 months of the date of your transplant

Reasons to choose the MedOptions for hair transplant in Turkey

When you opt for a hair transplant at the MedOptions you can rest assured that we will always offer the best attention and go the extra mile to ensure your stay is as pleasant as possible.
Medical tourism is increasingly popular and offers you all the benefits associated with recovery in a comfortable location, away from the stresses you may experience at home.
Our affordable hair transplants include all your accommodation, transport, translation services and the best possible care after your procedure has taken place.