Unshaven Hair Transplant


Unshaven Hair Transplant

Hair loss continues to be a sensitive issue for both men and women around the world.

it is apparent that the experience is embarrassing for those involved. No matter where the loss of hair is on the body, it can have a huge impact on self-esteem and confidence.
we provide the unshaven hair transplant istanbul which is focused on improving the growth and the overall appearance of our patients’ hair in order to ensure every patient is left happy from start to finish.

Most Advanced Hair Transplantation

We offer comprehensive services in all areas of hair transplantation. In addition to high-end equipment, all services are provided in a comfortable and luxurious environment. As a result of our operations with a 100% satisfaction rate, each of our patients leaves our clinic happily.

There has been a considerable improvement in hair transplantation procedures in comparison to older methods. Despite these improvements, many hair-loss patients are reluctant to undergo hair transplantation after discovering that their hair is shaved prior to the procedure. Hairless shaving made without shaving is also preferred in this case.

Hair Transplant Without Hair Shaving

Hair Transplant Without Hair ShavingThis method involves only shaving the donor region. Here, strong and healthy follicles are collected. After the collection of follicles, the region to be sowed is cultivated. Since the donor area will be at the nape of the neck, there is no sign of scarring or shaving.

Rapid transition to daily and social life, and fast regeneration of the donor area is an advantage in comparison to shaved hair transplant. However, there are disadvantages as well as the advantages to this method. The number of roots collected in this method may not be as much. It also takes more time and effort. The homogenity is reduced because the trading team can not see the donor area very well.
This particular method requires experience and expertise. In addition, the surgeon will decide whether the patient is a suitable candidate for this procedure. The area to be transplanted will be an important factor in determining the suitability for this method.

The healing process in shaved hair transplantation varies according to both the person and the operation performed. Generally, patients are able to resume normal life the day after the operation. Recovery will take a short time, as scales and redness will fade after 1-week.


Starting with in-office consultation and ending with a clinical washing session, a hair transplant at the Hair Clinic is a three-day treatment.


An 8-hour long procedure that constitutes the hair line design, implantation, and everything in between, with a light resting break separating the phases.


We care about the satisfaction of our patients. In this direction, we guarantee our aesthetic procedures.


During the treatment period we offer our patients a 5 star hotel reservation in the most luxurious hotels


Your personal medical consultant will provide you with a continuous follow-up for at least one year, in order to better monitor the results and provide help and advice if needed


We offer our patients free transportation during the treatment



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